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Dove sei? Dove andiamo? (detail) 150 x 800 cm - aquarel

Ganz Auge und Aufmerksamkeit öffnet das Kindergesicht sich dem Raum vor ihm.
One and already eye and attention open themselves the child face in the space before him.

Peter Sloterdijk from: Spheres I, p. 16

  Inside the mind of everyday life, the chaos-is-usually in every's head there, brings images surfaced that a path out jobs to the canvas, paper, but also three-dimensinal imges at a special location. Also literary fragments may laid to a saw, to start a piece of art. For example the "Sprachgitter" (Paul Celan) series and the installation with a poem written by Kees Ouwens. Even the frequent stays in Italy help to determine the subjects of the works, the Etruscan wall-painting, and the stratifacation of a city like Rome.

Prominent at this time (again) are the "Stations of the Cross". This 14-piece (sometimes with an 15th station) "stripping tale" considers them as universal given of the way which has every men to go in living. She frequently use imagines which shows "trial and error". As a picture (imagine?) language she often uses a type of "grating", letting the paint drip, that looks like a "grid", transparant working off limits, but these delimatations also gives view, "breath". This play (game?) of "let dripping" the paint, but on the same time to limitasion, define the two poles where her works moves in between.

Borders indicate by strict forms, lins. The balance between "chance", and intervenes consciously is an unmentionable inspiring moment. Condition is that the works remains clear and transparant, even occur during the many layers of paint. Despite the large number of (re-) painting the thoug out, the toughts subjects containts, she wants that the art-works contnues radiate a lightness, clarity and harmony.